Since inception in April 2010, Harmabee4Africa has benefitted from the support of our local community here in Switzerland to support projects in different parts of Africa. Below are key highlights of some of our impact:

  • Provided supplies to the children and labour wards at the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi;
  • Provided mosquito nets and malaria sensitization to inhabitants of Twifo Praso village, Ghana
  • Funded high school education for students (support, payment of tuition and school supplies, Kenya
  • Develop an eleven multi-storey garden to grow vegetables in plastic containers that would use reduced land and water demand;
  • Purchase seeds, seedlings & pesticides,
  • Started a kitchen garden for the home
  • Trained children and twenty committee members on water recycling for watering the garden Purchased material and equipment for routine garden management
  • Provided vocational training to youth in different vocational trainings—such as auxiliary nursing, catering, fashion design, Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Supported NATPAH in Liberia towards the provison of Seed Grant to young girls for different income generating activities of their choice such as: Soap making, Tie-dying, Fish preservation, Sewing, Pastry/Baking and on management of small-scale business and purchase materials and equipments
  • Joined hands with the Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN) on it medical mobile clinic expeditions to Zambia and Uganda. Specifically, Ntezi and 10-15 surrounding towns and villages in Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole district, Western Uganda
  • Joined hands with Kenya Pediatrics Association and donated 11 space/ room heaters to various County Hospitals in Kenya, through its  “Saving Babies in Africa” project also well known as “Cheka Mtoi Aish” under the supervision of Dr Wasambla.
  • Charity walk to support provision of prosthetic legs to amputees in Nigeria
  • With support from the different Diaspora community here in Switzerland to our  'Ebola Appeal Funds For Sierra Leone, we were able to help orphans from the horrific epidemic. It is also  commendable the commitment of the international community in rising up to tackle and curb the spread of the Ebola disease. However, the efforts of local people towards the same end need to be acknowledged. A lot was been done by the local population in remote places.

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