About us

The Harambee4Africa, a non-for- profit association, was originally established by a group of 6 women from different parts of Africa. In May 2009, these women, all parents with children in the same school, work for various International Organsations,came together to coordinate the African Stand for the International Day which took place at the school in June.

This joint effort was so successful - the African Stand won the admiration of almost all the participants. There was a common agreement to sustain the group, out of which the H4A project was birthed in November 2009. The word "Harambee" is a Kiswahili word, that means "all pull together". It is commonly used to depict people joining hands to build, share or contribute towards a project.

Harambee ladies

The remaining members of the group: (Fatma-Kenya),(Bisi-Nigeria) and (Tina-Ghana) remain committed to contributing to positive changes in the lives of poor rural women and disadvantaged children from different communities in different parts of Africa. This group of women continue to work selflessly and tirelessly, giving themselves, their time, and financial resources to fundraising in aid of the less privileged in their motherland.

Our inspiration is drawn from the lyrics of Micheal Jackson's song The Man in the Mirror - "I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change' in our different communities".

Our aspiration is to give back to our societies and contribute to making poor African societies a better place to live in.

Our Vision:

To help the less privileged in our motherland.

Our Mission:

To encourage members of the communities we currently live in to join hands with us to give back to our originating communities by providing opportunities to poor individual women and children.

Our Objectives:

Is to bring joy to the lives of others and impact lasting change and this we do through:

  • Providing opportunities for self-help.
  • Tackling discrimination in all its forms against women and children.
  • Sponsoring abandoned and orphaned children.
  • Empowering young people to maximise their potential.
  • Poor women Providing access to finance poor women who have no access to any type of collateral required by formal finance bodies.
  • Providing educational opportunities to young children who would otherwise have not had it.
  • Promoting and protecting the wellbeing of pregnant women and children.





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