Beneficiary Charities

Our group’s ability to continue to operate is due in large to the generous support of individual donors who believe in our Mission as well as gifts from businesses and corporations.

Through you, we have been able to continue feeding, clothing, providing shelter for orphans and the less privileged; maintain the old people’s home, train youths, pay school fees and uniform for the less fortunate under care to realize their potential for a better livelihood.

We sincerely thank you for all your support to us in the past, through your presence at our annual events and your private contribution. Without your support, it would have remained just a dream.


Our Project in Africa


Our Future Charity Foundation

Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Our Future Charity Foundation (O.F.C.F)

Our Moto is: "One man gives freely, yet gains even more" - Prov. 11:24


  • To reach out to the needy
  • To help fight against streetism
  • Too provide health education in the rural areas



AKO Lalo Upendo Children’s Home

 Kenya Project I

 AKO Lalo Upendo Children’s Home is destitute/orphaned children rescue rehabilitation and restoration centre which is situated in Marsabit Central District Marsabit County, Eastern region, Kenya. Marsabit is one of the driest and Arid Counties of Kenya where absolute poverty is rated at 92%. This poses a big challenge to the entire development of the region. The region is characterized by rapid population growth of pastoral and agro-pastoralists communities. This high population growth rate continuous to have a negative impact on the social-economic development of the county. The implication of this trend is that there is need to meet an increased demand for basic needs such as food, water, energy, shelter, health and education. Despite above myriad of problems experienced, AKO UPENDO CHILDREN’S HOME continued to bring hope to the destitute children in the region and its environs during the period under review.

Kenya Project 2

 Cheka Mtoi Aishi #ChekaMtoiAishi is a unique CSR initiative whose main objective is to keep babies alive via comedy combined with medicine. 8,000 newborns die daily around the world (WHO 2013), 20 die in Kenya daily (DHIS 2012). Many of the deaths are preventable, e.g. death to hypothermia or pneumonia caused by hypothermia. Hypothermia is basically low body temperature and many newborns are unable to generate adequate warmth after birth, especially those born prematurely.

However, this can be averted by providing space heaters that create a warm environment in the delivery room, theater, labour ward, maternity or New Born Unit (NBU).

Most health facilities in Kenya do not have heaters and cannot afford to buy due to inadequate funding, and this is where Cheka Mtoi Aishi comes in- through H4A we are creating awareness of this and raising funds to buy and donate heaters to all health facilities in Kenya, and eventually to Africa. We plan to donate heaters to all 9,000 plus health facilities in Kenya through Kenya Pediatrics Association.


Helping the needy to overcome adversity and lead a healthy, happy and productive life. MISSION:
To offer the hope of a promising future to a selection of the most vulnerable children in Kenya, by providing them with a loving and caring environment that would foster spiritual growth, ensure a good education, and provide the basic necessities of life needed to transit from helplessness into productive members of the society.


H4A support to NATPAH is towards the provison of Seed Grant to young girls for different income generating activities
of their choice such as: Soap making, Tie-dying, Fish preservation, Sewing, Pastry/Baking and on management of small-scale business and purchase materials and equipments

Ebola Appeal For Sierra Leone

Thank you to friends from our local communities in Switzerland, as well as the other guests that flew in from NEW YORK and London to support H4a vision to help the less privileged 

It is commendable that the international community rose up to tackle and curb the spread of the Ebola disease. However, the efforts of local people towards the same end need to be unacknowledged. A lot has been done by the local population especially in the remote places.

Read about these heroic stories at bbc news night and sky news.

We appeal to you to kindly donate to our Ebola Orphan appeal to support these unsung local heroes in their dedication and commitment to helping and caring for Ebola victims. No amount is too small.

Please click for flyer with more details on this appeal and on how to support

Together we can do so much more.


EssCare Hope Centre, Ibadan Oyo State

This is a charitable non-for-profit foundation geared towards empowering and contributing significantly to the ever increasing demands of improving the life of Nigerian girl’s particularly disadvantaged ones from very modest family backgrounds.  Esscare Hope centre is an initiative started in October 2006 by members of a “Care Group” within a church.  Guided by their moto “The Young shall grow because they are the future of Nigeria”, the centre is committed to a Nigeria where the youth and especially females irrespective of their age matter and are relevant. Its mission therefore is: To equip Nigerian youth especially the girls to be productive members of the society. The initiative envisages providing disadvantaged and less privileged young women the economic empowerment and opportunity to discover their innate abilities inherent in them by encouraging, enhancing and equipping them to change their lives and those around them.
Our principles are based on the conviction that when the vision of individual woman is pooled together with those of others, this generates enough strength and energy for real change in their lives and in the lives of their families and communities.


H4A support to NATPAH is towards the provison of Seed Grant to young girls for different income generating activities of their choice such as: Soap making, Tie-dying, Fish preservation, Sewing, Pastry/Baking and on management of small-scale business and purchase materials and equipments

Together we can do so much more.





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